This strain was created by Green Devil Genetics, a fusion of legendary strain OG Kush and ever-fragrant Orange Bud, creating a strain that can be described as “almost narcotic”. Orange Kush is a happiness-inducing hybrid that will make you park yourself in front of your fridge with every intention to clear it out as a case of the munchies kicks in hard.

Orange Kush is a great choice for when you have absolutely nothing planned, as it will make you slow and steady while grinning from ear to ear. This strain is also perfect to be used as a medical strain, as it has many healing benefits, soothing many ailments such as PTSD, ADD and other mental health conditions.


Growers love this strain for its high yield and because it is quite easy and uncomplicated in nature. Orange Kush prefers a hot and sunny Mediterranean climate when grown outdoors, but can also thrive in an indoor hydroponic environment.



Orange Kush grown indoors can take an average of about 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest. This strain can be expected to yield around 16 ounces of good bud per square meter.


When grown outdoors, Orange Kush can be expected to yield an average of about 18 ounces of bud per plant. This short plant is usually ready for harvest around late September to early October.


Orange Kush is a potent hybrid that packs a heavy punch. This strain will easily produce a powerful body-high that will make you want to sink into your couch in anticipation of doing nothing. This one’s an easy choice if you are looking to clear your head after a long day of being busy and productive.

This kush is great at making you delve into a thorough state of relaxation. Orange Kush will allow you to channel all your happy thoughts, making you feel lighter mentally and ready to unwind. This hybrid is steady and strong without being blindingly overpowering, making it an enjoyable smoking experience.

Orange Kush will indulge you with shots of euphoria, and keep you feeling uplifted for the entire high. If you decide to smoke this strain in large doses, you should be prepared to eventually get yourself into a state that will allow you to slowly drift into a long and restful sleep.


Orange Kush is famously fragrant plant that is aptly named. It is pungent and sweet smelling, with a hint of sharp orange, mixed with a little spice. A strong orange scent will fill a room instantly, and will linger for quite a while after it has left the room.


This strain has a smoke that tastes like creamy orange and creates a wild sensation for your senses. Orange Kush carries hints of spicy and woody in its flavor, and has a sweet citrus aftertaste that is guaranteed to stick to the inside of your mouth.


Orange Kush has a few adverse effects, but are largely quite minor in comparison to other strains. Smoking this strain can make you feel slightly parched, and you are likely to experience a case of dry mouth accompanied with dry and itchy eyes.

This hybrid can also in some cases cause a mild form of paranoia, which is more likely to affect those who are prone to anxieties and nervousness. Orange Kush may also make you feel slightly dizzy at times, and for some this may even lead to getting a mild headache, although it is not too common.


Orange Kush typically contains above average THC levels, which makes it an ideal choice to be used as a medical strain. It is mainly used for the treatment against chronic stress disorders, as it has proven to be quite successful in lifting moods and eliminating nervous thoughts and consequential actions.

Doctors are also known for recommending this hybrid to patients with chronic pain issues, as it is known to be very effective in the treatment of joint pain, backaches and even muscle spasms. Mood disorders such as depression and insomnia are also easily relieved by smoking this powerful relaxant.

Orange Kush has become very popular among cancer patients, as it has proven itself effective in inducing a healthier appetite. This strain causes a case of the munchies, and this can help patients recover faster by reversing their nausea and the lack of appetite that results from it.


ORIGIN OG Kush mixed with Orange Bud


•              Relaxed – 10

•              Happy – 9

•              Euphoric – 7

•              Uplifted – 6

•              Sleepy – 5


•              Dry mouth – 10

•              Dry eyes – 6

•              Paranoid – 4

•              Dizzy – 2

•              Headache – 2


•              Citrus

•              Kush

•              Orange

•              Pungent

•              Spicy



•              Orange

•              Citrus

•              Sweet

•              Spicy

•              Woody


•              Stress – 10

•              Pain – 7

•              Insomnia – 7

•              Depression – 6

•              Lack of appetite – 5


FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS: late September to early October


THC CONTENT %: 13%-22%

CBD %: 0.10%

INDICA / SATIVA %: 50% / 50%

INDOOR YIELD: 16oz/ m2

OUTDOOR YIELD: 18oz/ plant

CLIMATE: hot and sunny mediterranean outdoor climate


RESISTANCE TO DISEASE: naturally resistant to pests and mildews

The weed is for the people. It’s the people’s weed



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