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Hello, friends and fellow marijuana enthusiasts.Let me introduce myself, I go by the name of “Dave green”. People gave me that name for obvious reasons. I am from USA, the marijuana capital of the world, and I have been growing Marijuana for over more than two decades. From the moment on I started working in the field of cannabis, it has been a real rollercoaster. From small home-setups to industrial plantations, trust me if I tell you that I’ve seen it all – those were the days! I’ve solved every issue, from obtaining quality and shipping methods, to harvest and plant care. Now I use all my knowledge and experience to develop and deliver you the highest quality weed,leafs,seeds,oil ,hash. I have gathered a number of top marijuana growers around me who all share the same goal: making sure that we only produce the very best. We continuously work on improving the quality and develop new cannabis strains. Why? Because we believe everybody should benefit from marijuana for medical, recreational or educational purposes. Learn more

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Realafricankush LTD is one of the first and among the largest seed banks on the internet. We are here to serve the real cannabis connaisseurs, the small-scale home growers who demand the highest quality. We have many clients all over the world who are very pleased with our excellent services. Whether you are looking for feminized or auto-flowering seeds, high CBD strains or combination packages, at Realafricankush LTD you will find a wide range of premium marijuana seeds at affordable prices

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